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  At Land of Lakes Bait, you are purchasing the freshest bait available. We trap our leeches in the wild every day of the season.

When are leeches available?  Generally we will have leeches at the end of April or beginning of May depending on weather conditions.

How are leeches shipped?  Leeches are shipped in a reusable insulated container. We ship UPS second day air, except in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan where we use UPS ground. Leeches are shipped on Mondays to ensure fresh delivery.
What are the measurements of the different sizes?   Leeches are sold by weight because of their ability to stretch out. A jumbo leech when flat is about 2 inches long, when it stretches out it may be 6 inches long. A large leech is about 1-2 inches flat and 41/2 inches stretched out. A medium is about 1 inch flat and 21/2 inches stretched out. A small leech is about 1/2 inch flat and 1 inch stretched out.
These are only approximate numbers as all leeches are different. The picture below is a handful of
jumbo leeches.

  Ribbon Leeches Ribbon or bait leeches are available in jumbo, extra large, large and medium.
For details. See prices and leeches per pound.

How far in advance should I order?  We recommend at least 7-10 days before your fishing trip. We ship on Mondays to ensure that your bait arrives for the weekend.

What are shipping rates?  We no longer give estimates for shipping UPS due to fluctuating costs. Your shipping charges will be added after the leeches are packaged and weighed.  We recommend that you combine orders with your fishing buddies.

Can I order less than 1 pound ?  Unfortunatiely, we are no longer able to accommodate this request.

What is the best size leech for fishing?  This is really a personal preference. Ribbon leeches are used for Walleye, Bluegill, Perch and Bass. Horse leeches are used for Catfish.

How do I store my leeches? We send a care and handling information sheet with your leech order. We also will send a "How to fish with leeches" information sheet at your request.

Should I feed my leeches?  It is not necessary to feed your leeches.

How long will my leeches live?  Leeches purchased early in the season are strong and have not spawned. They will last much longer than leeches purchased late in the season (after spawn aprox. mid to late July). Late summer leeches are weaker and will likely only last 2-3 weeks. Please remember this is live bait and will not live forever. We guarantee live delivery.

  If you have any other questions please feel free to email or call us.

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