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Land of Lakes Bait  27672 Simar Wasas
Mass City, MI 49948

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All packages are tracked for delivery date. Leeches that die in transport must be reported within 24 hours of delivery for replacement. Prices subject to change based on availability.
2 pound minimum due to credit card charges.

To order, call 1-906-883-3270 FOR PAYMENT INFORMATION.

Land of Lakes Bait
27672 Simar Wasas
Mass City, MI 49948

Shipping Charges:

Due to the changing cost of UPS shipping we will no longer estimate charges. All shipping charges will be added when the leeches are packaged and weighed.  There is a $7.50 charge for the insulated container on orders under 3 pounds. If you would like a shipping quote, just email us with your zip code and number of pounds interested in. 

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